Snooki: 5 Things About My Love Life

snooki jersey shoreIf you caught The Jersey Shore this week you'll know the fantastic news: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is single again! Oooh yeah, get crazy, get crazy!

Snooki may not be your cup of tea, but the 22-year-old non-Italian, New Yorker has inexplicably become the face of The Jersey Shore guidettes. Maybe it's the Elizabeth Taylor factor?

Regardless, Snooks is back on the prowl so we can cross our fingers for a lot more hot tub make out sessions with various cast mates. Woot!

With that exciting development and her other news-making antics, I can only assume the following five things about Snooki's love life:


1. If loving juice heads is crime, then lock me up.

2. Or lock me up for being annoying. Either/or.

3. I really love older men. Especially politicians.

4. You're going to have to get through my bodyguard, JWoww, before you can get to the Snooki goods.

5. Although, if my bad luck with men continues, I might just have to contribute to the high lesbian rate.


Image via MTV

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