5 Great Anniversary Traditions You Can Make Your Own

anniversary traditionsCelebrating those romantic anniversaries can go in many different ways. From traditional to low-key, it's a great idea to find a way to re-light the spark every year to mark the day you met, made a commitment, or walked down the aisle.

It's always a good idea to remember why you chose to spend your life with the person across the breakfast table. If you haven't started a tradition, take a look at these five ideas to get the love flowing:


1) Follow the traditional rules of giving

You can really have some fun using the traditional list of what you're supposed to give on the 1st through the 100th wedding anniversary. For our first anniversary, our "paper" gifts to each other were concert tickets. Imagine the fun you'll have on the fifth wedding anniversary when you're supposed to give "wood."

2) Have a date in the location you first met

Of course if this place happens to be your dorm room, you may have to make a gargantuan, and potentially inappropriate, effort to make that happen. But if your eyes locked across a crowded dance floor -- hit the disco every year.

3) Dine at the same restaurant

My husband and I are headed to New York for our anniversary next weekend. Mostly because we made a commitment to have lunch at the same chi chi restaurant where we couldn't afford dinner every year on our wedding anniversary. Of course we moved across the country this year, but we're not letting that little detail get in our way. Plus, it's a great excuse for #5.

4) Re-read your vows

If you had a traditional wedding, or wrote your own, pull out those suckers and gaze into each other's eyes to remind yourselves of the commitment you made in front of witnesses. Laugh out loud if it's your 10th anniversary and the sincerity of your vows as 20-somethings is somewhat embarrassing.

5) Take a vacation

For a truly exorbitant tradition, re-live the thrill of first meeting and falling in love by spiriting off somewhere, just the two of you. If you can focus on your partner instead of your job, your laundry, or the in-laws -- you'll surely remember why you're there in the first place.

Do you have any anniversary traditions?


Image via epSos.de/Flickr

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