Is Morning Breath a Deal-Breaker?

brushing teethIf there's one thing Hollywood has successfully romanticized, it's morning sex.

The actress' hair is always appropriately tousled but nowhere near a rat's nest. The man never has morning wood from the need to urinate.

And neither one has morning breath when they throw themselves at each other like teenagers.

Excuse me while I pour a giant tub of Gatorade on that one.


I don't care what he looks like in the morning, but nothing turns me off faster than inhaling gnarly breath.

At any time of day.

Think I'm too picky?

The scientists working on the female Viagra have found there's a link between a woman's libido and her sense of smell -- stimulate her with a pleasant scent, and you'll stimulate her sexuality too.

And what's good for the ladies goes for the gents too -- my guy friend makes his partner hit the toothpaste before any morning love. suggests keeping mints beside the bed to slay your dragon breath, but I confess that's not enough -- there needs to be full toothbrush action before there's any bedroom action.

Maybe it's time to bring the Wisps mini toothbrushes from my purse to bed?

Is morning breath a deal-breaker for you?

Image via kwimsnr/Flickr

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