Couples Therapy Before Marriage? It Works for Katy and Russell

Katy PerryKaty Perry and Russell Brand aren't even married yet, and they're already in couples therapy.

No matter where they are, the Daily Mirror reports, they set aside an hour each day or make a three-way conference call with a relationship advisor.

Could they be suffering from a bit too much "Hot N Cold" in the relationship?

Most couples don't have the hectic traveling schedules of two well known stars. But apparently this trend extends far beyond the fabulous.


On last week's Teen Mom, teenaged Tyler and Catelynn started their own couples therapy.

Their situation is different from the "California Gurls" singer and her British boyfriend. They're on the same continent, for one.

They have been through a lot -- getting pregnant, giving up their daughter for adoption, getting engaged, breaking up, getting back together.

But they are 17, not married, and already having so much trouble that they're sitting down with a counselor to work on their relationship.

It's a positive sign that two people are willing to work on a relationship, and marriage counselors by and large suggest you should seek therapy before there's a major problem ... not because of it.

Hence the ever-popular pre-marital counseling, mandatory at most churches to ward off officiating at a marriage doomed to fail. My husband and I went through several weeks of what the Catholic church calls "pre-Cana," and we called "waste of our time-a."

Really -- I'm sure some pre-marital counseling is great, but a priest telling us about the rhythm method didn't help us feel more in lurv. It just made us glad we had condoms.

My complete knee-jerk reaction to couples counseling before a wedding is even in sight? "Good Gawd, if you're already having trouble, run, run, run!"

It's the beauty of dating for awhile before you get married -- if it's not working, you don't always have to fix it.

Have you been to couples counseling?


Image via Ballistik Coffee Boy/Flickr

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