Single Men: Beware of the 'Sperm Hunter'

sperm hunter woman single menDo you know any sperm hunters? A single lady who goes out on the town pretending she's looking for a one-night stand when she actually wants to be impregnated?

Nope, me neither.

Lara Carter, a 25-year-old gal from the UK, however, is looking to scare pub crawling men everywhere with her recent revelation that she wants your sperm, and will do anything to get it into her baby maker.


Carter appears in a disguise in the article, but I'm guessing men in her area that see this will be thinking twice before having unprotected sex in the bathroom after reading about her methods.

This young lady who is desperate to fit in with "17 friends" who already have babies, buys up ovulation kits and when she's most fertile she hits the bars and pretends to be loaded and easy. If a man isn't so drunk that he forgets protection, she provides a condom with a hole poked in it so she can still get that magic sperm.

Carter justifies her behavior as being less expensive than a sperm donor (although she admits to spending hundreds on ovulation kits), and besides she's ready to be a mum RIGHT NOW.

STDs aside, this young girl's logic is just so seriously flawed, and gives all of us ladies a bad name.

Gentlemen of Cornwall, gird your loins!

Do you know anyone who tried to get pregnant via a one-night stand?


Image via gniliep/Flickr

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