I Need More Lip Time ... And That Doesn't Mean Talking

Kissing couple on beachNot kissing much lately?

I'm guilty of it too. Kissing for my husband and me these days is usually a peck on the lips when one of us leaves the house or gets home. Or we're at the other extreme. Passionate making out when we get to have one of our sex sessions that's not a quickie. Which isn't that often.

But that's bad. I like kissing. I really do. And I like kissing my husband. I really do. So why don't I do it more?

Maybe our kissing declined a few years ago when I had to start wearing both top and bottom retainers to bed, every night. Not conducive to making out. And in the morning? Well, retainer breath is nasty.


I think that, mostly though, the decline is just a function of time. Or a lack of it. It seems like we're always so busy with kids, work, laundry, kids. And neither one of us takes the 60 seconds to stop our forward motion and focus on a kiss. Hello, good bye or no reason needed.  

But I want to bring kissing back to my marriage. And in a big way. Why? Well, studies have shown that there are many reasons it's good for you. My favorite health benefit? That all that extra saliva you produce while kissing helps wash bacteria off your teeth.

But more importantly, kissing my husband is one of the things that differentiates our relationship from all of the other relationships we have. He's the only one I make out with and the only one I get intimate with.

And when I initiate a kiss, he always responds. He knows how to interpret my different kinds of kisses. A lingering closed mouth kiss means I love you, have a great day. A partly open mouth kiss means I'll see you upstairs in a little bit. A quick peck means I'm too busy to stop or I haven't brushed my teeth yet.

But the kissing isn't happening enough. And I'm going to be pro-active about changing that.

So how am I going to increase our lip time? I'm going to quantify it like I do whenever I'm trying to achieve a goal. Like the number of pounds I want to lose. Not the most romantic approach but I think it will work. Five kisses a day for a week. Not pecks but real look-me-in-the-eyes kisses. Increase it to ten the next week. And see if we can work more kissing in to our everyday lives.

I'm not going to tell him about my plan. It might take him a few days but he'll notice. And he'll be happy about it. And so will I.

Do you think my plan will work? Any other ideas for bringing kissing back?

Image via sWrightOsment/Flickr

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