This Is Why He Cheats: Science Gives Him an Excuse (Or 5)

cheating menWant to know why your man is destined to cheat on you?

Don't bother asking him (because if you had that kind of relationship, would he really be stepping out?). Let's just look at what science has to say.


1. You Make Too Much Money Or Too Little. Researchers at Cornell say he'll cheat if you make more money OR if you're "too" financially dependent on him. Wow: that's a lose-lose.

2. You Left Him Home With the Kids. British sociologists found stay at home dads are 5 times more likely to cheat than men who work outside the home. Because there isn't enough to do at home all day?

3. You Don't Appreciate Him. Gary Neuman, author of "The Truth About Cheating: Why Men Stray and What You Can Do To Prevent It" found 42 percent of men in a study of 200 said they stepped out because of an "emotional disconnection." Which is all your fault, natch.

4. His Brain Chemistry Made Him Do It. A Swedish study on male twins say they're just hard-wired to stray. So which head is leading him?

5. Because You Picked a Moron. Intelligent men, the studies say, are less likely to cheat. Further proof that we tend to elect idiots to office.

Does this sound like your house?


Image via kyz/Flickr

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