The Cheapie Divorce: Why Spend More on Heartache?

divorce appGetting prepared for your divorce used to take costly therapy bills.

Now it's just $9.99 on iTunes.

File this one under "we saw it coming." A set of lawyers have determined your first thought upon choosing a divorce should be: is there an app for that?


The Divorce Cost & Prep app by none other than sounds silly,  but consider this: just talking to an attorney costs you money.

According to CostHelper, divorce attorneys may charge hourly fees of $75-$400, depending on the type of work done, or flat fees varying from $200 for filing a motion to $10,000-$25,000 for handling all aspects of a divorce. If paying an hourly rate, the total can be $20,000-$50,000 or more in complicated, highly emotional cases.

Get prepped before you walk in her office, and how much did you save?

No iPhone? Skip the payout and go straight to Rocket Lawyer to print out your legal forms for free -- from the demand for a child support payment to a divorce settlement agreement.

You probably spent way too much on the wedding to begin with -- cheaping out on the other side may be the only way to go.

Is it worth it to spend big on heartache?


Image via Divorce Apps

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