'Oops Honey, I Dropped the $9K Diamond!' and Other Proposal Disasters

A proposal in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, went horribly awry last week when the $9,000 heirloom was lost at sea. On the upside, at least she said yes.

Matt Cawley's romantic proposal plan involved his girlfriend of more than one year, Stacey Scanlon, stumbling upon the ring, which was tied to a sand dollar and placed upon a rock on a rocky ledge by the sea. Unfortunately for the couple, the second the tide picked it up, the knot came undone and the ring went tumbling into the surf.

Three hours later, the ring was still lost, but Cawley still got the girl. She said yes in the car on the way home. And this story has a happy ending: Cawley's mother had taken out an insurance policy on the ring, which took care of the money, and the happy couple told the Boston Globe:

"At the end of the day, it just doesn't matter about the ring."

Awww ... here are other proposals gone wrong:


Public humiliation: This guy went to the trouble of proposing to his girlfriend in the middle of a basketball game ... only to be rejected and then laughed at by sports commentators, a basketball player, and a giant gray bear mascot.

Green goop (WTF?): I almost can't believe this one. This guy proposes to his girlfriend by dumping a pot of green slime on her head and then getting down on one knee while she is still goopy. Somehow, miraculously, she says yes. I would have smacked him, but maybe that's their thing.

Fly away ring: This guy hid a $12K diamond engagement ring inside a helium balloon. The plan was to present the balloon to her with the ring. The plan failed. A gust of wind blew the balloon out of his hands and though he chased it in his car for two hours, it was gone. Apparently the woman decided not to talk to him until he got her a new ring. Yeah. Good luck with that marriage lasting. He's dumb and she's materialistic. A match made in heaven.

Brooklyn Bridge fail: This poor guy planned to propose on the Brooklyn Bridge in front of all his family. Instead, he dropped the ring, climbed down the outside of the bridge, and watched a car run over the platinum ring he waited four years to give her. Luckily, he found it and had it reset, and the two went on to have a happy life together.

How did you (or your spouse) propose?


Image via Rose Robinson/Flickr

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