Dating After Divorce, Love Lessons From Movies, & More News

coupleWe all can use a little relationship advice every now and then, so here are some links that might help some common relationship problems -- without the price of a shrink.

  • Dating a narcissist? Here are tips for dealing with him and his ego. -- Huffington Post
  • If you find yourself stepping back into the dating pool after a divorce, it can be pretty intimidating, whether it's been a year or ten since your last first date. Here are tips for taking the plunge. -- Bounce Back
  • Chick flicks are more than just movies we watch on girls night out -- they actually have good love lessons that we can take away. -- Cosmopolitan
  • You're madly in love with him. He treats you wonderfully. But he just can't seem to give you an orgasm. Eek! What to do? -- Em and Lo

Image via yoga photobooth/Flickr

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