Drawing Him In -- What's Your Move?

couple in barYou're enjoying a night out with the girls when you glance over and spot him  -- Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome, just the way you like it.

Then you do a move, your move.

Mine is a three-part series. It's a sexy look with the eyes, coy side smile, and an arch of the eyebrow as if to say, "Why aren't you over here talking to me?" Not the most original, but it works every time. Why fix what ain't broken?

I always find it interesting how that initial contact is made, so I asked my girlfriends what moves they pull (and my guy friends what's been done on them). Here are some of the most interesting answers I received:


Bump 'n' Grind: Obviously, "accidentally" bumping into a guy only works if it's crowded, and it's better to not do it with a full glass. Pouring beer on a guy isn't going to exactly encourage him to chat you up. "I usually just pretend to bump into them, and be like 'Tee hee, oops! Sorry about that!'"

Game On: "If he's playing a game such as pool, beer pong, etc., I always get next and hope that he wins his first game so he has to play against me."

Stand By Me: My friend Marie doesn't talk to them, but she does go up right next to them so it's easy for them to talk to her. "I smile with my eyes, focus my shoulders to them so I look approachable, and order a drink at the part of the bar that they're at. After my 'move,' I rarely have to pay."

Crotch Grab: "I had a girl in a bar walk up to me and just grab my crotch. It was kinda hot." Yikes. Talk about ballsy (heh). Thanks, JP, but I don't think I'm going to recommend any of our readers to do that.

Be Direct: One of my best girlfriends is very blunt and straightforward, and she uses that if she sees a guy that she wants to chat up. "I simply just walk over to him and start chatting. No games for me." I wish I had her confidence!

Another Round, Please: "We had caught each other's eyes from across the bar, and she pointed to her nearly empty glass, did another round signal, and smiled. I bought her the next beer. I thought it was hot because I've never seen a girl use that move before."

So dish! What's your move? What's an interesting move that a guy's tried on you?


Image via Mr T in DC/Flickr

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