Julia Roberts: 5 Things About My Love Life

julia roberts love lifeAs Eat Pray Love opens this weekend, we're all wishing we had Julia Roberts' (or Elizabeth Gilbert's) life. However, Julia hasn't always had the happily ever after thing happening.

As we see if Roberts can once again, carry a movie to the top of the box office, let's also speculate about her love life, shall we?

Here are five things about Julia Roberts love life:


1. Sorry lovers, but work comes first. Especially when it involves me traveling to India, Italy and Bali to indulge my senses.

2. Thanks to this movie, there is more of me to love.

3. I'm happy. Really, truly, annoyingly happy.

4. I really don't feel safe flirting with David Letterman anymore, hence, the dog talk.

5. I've still got it!


Image via Facebook

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