Sex on the First Date CAN End in Love. Slut.

Condom vending machineSex on the first date?

It's an age-old question. And one that has never been definitively answered because it falls in to that gray area that all important questions fall in to.

Like, is it considered anal if his penis only goes part of the way in? And for less than ten seconds?

So should you or shouldn't you? The first date sex question, not the anal question. I think that anal on the first date is a definite no. But that's just me.

Let's look at some of the first date sex pros and cons:


Pros: You get a preview of his sexual abilities which is important because who wants a man who doesn't know what to do? And you get an early feel for the chemistry between the two of you. Plus, sometimes a girl just wants to get laid. I waited to lose my virginity until I was halfway through college. But after that, there were definitely times when I just wanted to have sex. Friends with benefits can work here but so can a date with drinks and dinner.

Cons: First date sex isn't socially acceptable to the majority of people. The old double standard: Guy gets lucky, he's a stud. Girl puts out, she's a slut. But it really only matters what you think. And what the guy thinks. And if he thinks it's slutty, than why is he doing it with you?

From personal experience, I know you can have sex on the first date and still have it work out. Actually, you can even have sex first and then go on the first date a week later. Falling in to bed quickly does not doom the relationship. And it can lead to something more: Love. Really.

So my answer? Sure, why not. Do it if you want to. Just be sure and wear a condom. There's no excuse for recklessness.

Have you ever had sex on a first date? What happened with the relationship?


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