Ask Dad: To Bikini Wax or Not -- What Do Men Really Think About Pubic Hair?

Ask Dad returns! Well, sort of. Don’t worry, I’ve got all the qualifications they say I need: I can make a baby and a sentence. Now make with the questions!

Do men find women with Brazilian bikini waxes more attractive? Does the "hair down there" really gross men out?

Ah, I would have to wade into this thicket the first time out. Most men really don’t care, and I’d have serious questions about a guy who found a normal sprig of adult womanhood somehow disgusting.

But most of us have had moments when we gasped at what looked like a front yard on the Bayou, and immediately started feeling future hairs tickling our throats.


The sad truth is most men have grown up surrounded by porn and almost-porn, where pubes are as rare as fat. (There are fetish videos for both, of course.) They just expect that the Hairy Fairy visits women in the night, taking pubes and leaving shiny nickels under the panties.

I was stunned at how widespread waxing had become when I was single again in my mid-30s. I took to running around and asking everyone, “Where the hell has all the pubic hair gone?” I learned even ladies with a healthy dose of hippie in them had gone Brazilian.

If going under the candle still sounds horrifying, women determined to spare themselves some pain and keep their hedges intact could be rewarded. It’s fashion like anything else, and everything comes back. Sasha Grey, the porn-and-mainstream actress who’s been dubbed the Tiger Woods of sex (before Tiger Woods became the Tiger Woods of sex), says she’s proud of her short-and-curlies. She proudly showed them off in a recent ep of HBO’s Entourage.

Extreme waxing does have one big perk -- it gives clueless men a better shot at finding everything without having to hunt through the heather. Actually, that might be a good guideline. Simply wax the places you’d like him to go, especially the spots you’d like him to stay. You can shave what’s left into an arrow pointing the way. For the truly hopeless.


Image via WillieWonker/Flickr

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