Date Night: Rise Out of the Restaurant Rut

Date NightThere were a few times when Tina Fey and Steve Carrell's relationship in Date Night hit a little close to home.

Released on DVD last week, the whole thing is based on the premise of a couple who does the same thing every date night.

Same restaurant. Same food.

So they try a different restaurant, hi jinks ensue, and you have a cute action-packed movie (in a nutshell).

All that aside, you also have a new dating edict.


Find a new place to eat G-D-it.

In our neck of the woods, it's admittedly tough. We live in the boonies, which means fewer choices. Add on top of it: I'm a vegetarian. Even fewer choices.

But there are at least three different restaurants in three different local towns that end up in the rotation.

The advantage to changing them up isn't just the food. Each town offers us different after-dinner choices.

Will we head out for ice cream and walk to the local bookstore to browse?

Will we stop off for fixings for at-home sundaes at the bigger grocery store and head home to a movie and fun in the kitchen?

If these options sound pretty tame, remember, I live in the boonies. This is living the high life. And just imagine how much better you have it with the spot for dancing next to the Greek restaurant or the batting cages by the German place.

Experts love to tell us we should change things up to keep our love life from going stale, but that doesn't always mean abandoning dinner out for sky diving.

Just get out of the restaurant rut! It worked for Tina Fey.


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