Is the Pope Gay? Mel Gibson's Dad Calls Him Out

pope bendict gay mel gibson dadMel Gibson isn't the only one in his family who can go on a bigoted tirade. Hutton Gibson, Mel's father, recently called into a radio talk show to out the entire Vatican. Actually, not the entire Vatican -- just half. According to DaddyTips:

When asked by the host if the Catholic Church had “become politicized … so that it was no longer able to take on controversial issues like homosexuality,” or if perhaps they were simply “unwilling to do so,” Hutton Gibson replied: “It’s not willing to do so because half of the people there in the Vatican are queer.”

Gibson added that they (presumably the gay people in the church hierarchy) have “fostered it” (gay stuff?) because they want to “destroy the church.”

When the host asked Gibson, specifically, if Pope Benedict XVI was gay, Gibson said, "Does the Pope wear a funny hat?" No, actually he didn't say that at all. Instead he answered:


Hutton Gibson: I certainly do. Why else would he put up with this? He was in charge of stamping it out. And he did nothing. He just kept quiet. Keep things quiet, don’t do anything. We don’t want to disturb anybody.

Brett at DaddyTips does give Gibson points for calling out the Catholic church for keeping the sexual abuse of children under wraps, but that's where the support ends.

What I really want to know is, should the sexuality of a Pope even matter? After all that whole vow of celibacy thing means no one is acting on their sexual impulses. In theory. So what kind of sex the Pope is having is a moot point.

Does it matter if the sins of the flesh you're avoiding lean one way or the other? Even if you do have the belief that homosexuality is wrong, if you're not acting on it, then what's the problem? You're not doing anything "wrong."

I realize Gibson mistakenly blames the sex scandal on homosexuality instead of pedophilia and corruption of power. Additionally, using "gay" as an insult shows you what side of crazy he's on, and of course, where his son gets it from.

Do you think it matters if a priest or the Pope is gay?


Image via Sergey Gabdurakhmanov/Flickr

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