iPhone Users Are Sluts -- According to a New Study

iphoneHey now, I have an iPhone!

OKCupid, the shallow dating website that supposedly ranks its attractive members, has released a study that cross-referenced the mobile devices members used to upload photos with their answers to surveys such as "The Dating Persona Test."


Ladies with iPhones topped out with the average number of sexual partners (12.3), while Android men had the fewest (6). These numbers were based on the 30-something age group, but all ages had similar findings with the iPhoners getting laid and the Androiders not.

I probably could have told you this without having to do all the science-y research. iPhone users tend to be younger adults, and therefore more promiscuous in their sexy ways. BlackBerry users are stereotypically business-type people, so they're stuck in the office while iPhoners are hopping from bed to bed, and Droids tend to be techy males, so they're too busy building computers to get laid.

OR, this is just a bunch of random information they strung together that has no real relevance.

But regardless, with more sexual partners comes the increased risk of STDs ... wonder if there's an app for that?

What are your thoughts on this study? Does it make sense to you?


Image via Jorge Quinteros/Flickr

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