Chris Chambers Marries His Stalker ... Huh?

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Imagine that you had an affair with someone, but then she turned all stalker-crazy, started harassing your wife and her family, and got hit with 11 misdemeanor counts. Now imagine that you get divorced from your wife in order to marry said stalker. Sounds like something straight out of a soap opera.

No wait, it's real life. It's what Chris Chambers did, a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to court documents, Chambers and his stalker, Stacey Bernice Saunders, got hitched on July 24, 2010 ... in Vegas, of course!

Doesn't sound like an equation to happily ever after to me. I guess this story is every stalker's dream and a blinding ray of hope for every tortured, celebrity-obsessed soul. But perhaps Chambers should've taken a look at these other celebrity stalkers before tying the knot with his own.

  • Jack Jordan: Stalked Uma Thurman by sending her inappropriate cards and some pretty scary drawings, including one of guy standing on a razor blade and another of an open grave.
  • Margaret Mary Ray: For whatever reason, she became obsessed with Dave Letterman, even going so far as to stealing his Porsche. He made jokes about her on his show, but she was so disturbed she ended up taking her own life -- and that's nothing to joke about.
  • Jason Peyton: This guy made headlines in August for stalking Jennifer Aniston, driving all the way across the country to marry her. He also followed her around with a sharp object and roll of duct tape. Now that's some scary stuff!
  • Thomas Weldon: Poor Sandra Bullock finally caught a break when she was granted a restraining order against this guy who had been bothering her "for years." He followed her everywhere she went, from California to Texas, which was probably the last thing she needed after Jesse James' affair came to light.
  • Dawnette Jones: This one pulled a Saunders by sending threatening letters to Michael Douglas' wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Apparently she became obsessed with him after seeing Fatal Attraction. Guess she didn't exactly comprehend the point of that movie?
  • Greg Broussard: Deluded enough to think he was Halle Berry's fiance, he claimed "God told him to marry Ms. Berry." He also harassed Halle's manager by making threatening phone calls and sending gifts intended for her, including an engagement ring.
  • Chidi Uzomah: Chidi went after Ryan Seacrest while brandishing a knife back in September. He also showed up to the building where Seacrest worked on his TV show. Let's face it: American Idol can't afford to lose both Simon Cowell and Seacrest.
  • Dennis Shaun Bowman: Obsessed with Kim Kardashian, he constantly showed up at her public appearances dressed up as The Joker from The Dark Knight. So much for remaining inconspicuous ...

Something is just not right in the head of these stalkers. Perhaps Stacey Saunders was a little less disturbed than these crazies, but can you ever really know for sure?

I for one can't wait to hear more about how Stacey managed to finagle her way back into Chambers' life. It may even force me to watch a Kansas City Chiefs' game or two this year. And nothing but an insane story like this would ever get me to do that.

Do you think it's ever a good idea to become involved with a stalker? How do you think Saunders pulled this one off?


Image via Lola's Big Adventure/Flickr

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