Dating Site Will Find Your Literary Love Match

readingA new dating site promising to find your "literary love match" makes me glad I'm not back in the game.

Considering I just finished Jen Lancaster's My Fair Lazy, and he just got through Soccernomics, chances are we'd be dating other people right about now.

Advertisement is building off the old icebreaker concept.

As it stands now, you see a guy reading a great book on the city bus, you chat him up. He sees you reading his favorite novel; he asks for your digits.

As Marc Oppenheimer opined on Slate recently, in a bemused look at why the e-reader could stunt societal relationships:

"So what will you do, Kindle generation, when you cannot tell which of the quiet boys holding the e-reader on the subway is engrossed by the latest, predictable legal thriller, and which one by a cheery, long-forgotten Laurie Colwin novel? If by some chance you do end up with the right one, what do you buy him a month later, when it is time for that first, tentative, not-too-expensive present -- a gift certificate for a free download?"

And as that goes, so too do two great meeting spots for singles: the bookstore. And the library.

Who is going to catch your eye over the historical fiction rack of Amazon but the hacker who wants your credit card number?

I don't know that we need a site to tell us how our taste for escapist chick lit will never match up to his taste for sports-themed international finance, but let's hear it for all those other book sharing sites out there where you can meet a man or at least get some advice on the latest Stieg Larsson. 

Do you have the same literary tastes as your significant other?

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