The Bailer Lets Girlfriend Get Beaned by a Baseball: Introducing the Bonehead Pass

the bailerThe Houston Astros fan who was so busy trying to catch a ball that he didn't notice his girlfriend getting beaned by it is quickly lining folks up on either side of the gender divide.

He's earned the nickname "The Bailer."

The ladies at Jezebel sarcastically dubbed him "the world's most chivalrous boyfriend."

My friend Matt dubbed him his "hero," prompting a Facebook friend to start placing bets on how long the relationship will last.

But is being a bonehead a deal-breaker these days?

Or do a lot of guys get a pass because hey -- it could be worse?


The fact that he won't let her touch the ball after the whole debacle might doom this relationship.

But sometimes guys are just dumb. And we accept it.

My friend T was helping her boyfriend move his broken-down Jeep when he had the great idea to tell her to jump in the driver's seat to steer.

She missed the seat and the car drove over her.

Broken ribs and all, she's still with him. What? He doesn't beat her or cheat on her and he's great with her daughter. And he didn't plan it. He was just a bit of a dumba--.

Remember -- it could be WORSE.

I watched Date Night last night and completely identified with Tina Fey when she threw up her hands after the third time she'd walked into a drawer her husband (Steve Carrell) had left open ... right where she'd walk into it. In our house it's the kitchen cabinets.

All of them.

But at least he empties the dishwasher.

It could be MUCH WORSE.

Do you give guys a bonehead pass?


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