Is It 'Blow Job Week' in Your House?

Does your sex life stop when your period begins?

There are so many slang words for our menstrual cycles, I've lost count. But the one I just heard a few weeks ago (from my husband, no less!) was "Blow Job Week."

Has anyone else heard it put this way?

Apparently, there's a myth floating around among the menfolk that the week a woman is on her period is also the week where she spends a lot more time with her head in the southern portion of her husband's nether regions.

Yeah, right, I told my husband. But when I started to ask around, I learned that a lot of people are anti-period sex and that in their house it really is BJ week (or maybe just masturbation week for the man).

So why does it sound to me like the woman is getting punished for being female by engaging in extra work with less reward?


Quick biology lesson: You boys are hating on the very thing that makes me fertile and female.

But don't worry, I would feel the same way about men who are grossed out by pregnancy or breastfeeding.

I enjoy sex and I don't see why I should go a week without pleasure because my menstrual cycle -- the most "female" thing I do -- comes around. OK, so obviously, no one loves their period and the cramps and moodiness and break-outs that accompany it, but I love that I'm a woman and I love that my body has this cycle. I am not going to be shamed by it and I feel like that is what "blow job week" implies. That I should abandon my pleasure and shut down the crotch for business until things are clean again.

Some reasons to try it:

  • An orgasm is a great release from tension and helps with cramps and headaches that come along with Aunt Flo.
  • You are less at risk for pregnancy.
  • You have better lubrication (TMI?).

One caveat: You are more susceptible to STDs (both of you) during the week of the period, so if you're non-monogamous, you might want to skip this.

But those of us in committed, monogamous relationships should partake. Even if you have been afraid before and especially if he has been afraid. If you hate it, you never have to do it again. But here is a memo to men everywhere:

Every month my body prepares to make a baby and if there is no baby, I bleed. And you can call it whatever you like ...

... except "Blow Job Week."

Is period week "Blow Job Week" at your house?


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