High School Studs Live Longer

high school studs live longerRemember the high school player? The one who had girls lining up to give up their v-card? Well, he's probably going to live longer than the academic who went to an all-boys prep school.

A new Harvard study shows that men who had an easier time pairing up in high school, and in their 20s, live longer than those who were romantically challenged at that young, virile age.

So maybe masturbation really does have some negative side effects?

Not exactly.


While the study followed white men from Wisconsin who lived in areas that had either high or low ratios of men to women, the explanation plays off a well-known study: Married men live longer than single men.

One of the co-authors of the study explains it thusly:

If marriage helps people live healthier lives, delaying marriage or not getting married at all could diminish these benefits. And competing for a date or a mate can be stressful and have long-term effects on health.

Of course the men who were studied graduated from high school in 1957, when it was much more common to get married at a young age. I wonder what effect delaying marriage on purpose -- which means, no stress that you can't find a wife -- will have on Generation X and beyond?

Either way, the studly high school boys win again. Is that really fair?


Image via foundphotoslj/Flickr

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