Smooching Sisters Have the Wrong Idea

shannon twinsTwin sisters Karissa and Kristina Shannon did some mouth-to-mouth smooching with each other this weekend at the Playboy mansion -- and, of course, the big kiss was caught on camera. (See the photo on

The Shannon twins are usually so classy, so I'm wondering how it came to this. (Did they read our post, 4 Reasons Your Sister Is Good for Your Health, and perhaps misinterpret the term "sisterly love"?)


It is possible that the twins are trying to drum up some attention for their (alleged) new book: Rumors are swirling that a new tell-all book about the Playboy mansion is on the way. And former Girl Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson is on record saying that one -- or both -- of the twins are behind it:

"Yeah, I don't think she was there long enough to even have enough to tell. I was there for five years! She wasn't there long enough to appreciate why she was there ... Being there for five years I got a chance to grow there and appreciate who Hugh Hefner really is, you know what I'm saying? It takes five years to live there and appreciate that, not one year of a bunch of drunken nights."

Ah. So maybe the sibling tonsil hockey was an attempt to gain credibility and get some respect from Kendra and the rest of the house. It's all starting to make sense. Or not.

What do you think of the Shannon sisters smooching?


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