A Sweaty Workout Is My Biggest Turn-On

Couple exercising on beachWomen are turned on by all different sorts of things.

For some, it's the sight of a nice ass in a perfect-fitting pair of jeans. Others get revved up watching Nascar drivers speed dangerously around an oval track. And there are others who are turned on by their man opening the door for them and doing their laundry.

What turns me on?

  • My husband cooking for me while I drink some wine and watch him chop, slice, and dice with authority.
  • My husband taking care of something around the house without me having to ask him. Like going to Home Depot to get a special light bulb for the refrigerator and installing it without even missing a beat. Or complaining.

And the biggest turn-on of all for me:

  • Working out together.

Everyone knows that exercising is good for you: It gets your heart rate up, keeps you in shape, helps your mood by boosting your endorphins. And that's great.

But exercising together adds another benefit for me. I get to ogle my husband, watching his muscles flex as he lifts weights and hearing him grunt when he's pushing himself to go harder. A real man. Plus, he's taking care of himself.

And then, when it's my turn, I watch him watch me. Checking me out in my form-fitting exercise clothes like he used to do way back when we first met.

It seems very primitive to me. And very sexy. The sweat, the exertion. Kind of like a good romp in bed. A real turn-on.

What is your biggest turn-on?


Image via thelastminute/Flickr

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