Chelsea Clinton Honeymoon Spot Revealed

Too much wedding fun?

When your wedding includes two Vera Wang dresses, a $250,000 floral budget, and other extravagances, you certainly don't honeymoon at Niagara Falls. You go on a safari!

That's where Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky have chosen to spend their post-wedding getaway, according to reports.

Rumors are swirling that after Chelsea and Marc celebrated their nuptials in Rhinebeck, New York, they're now off on an amazing safari adventure deep in the heart of South Africa. Perhaps it's a nice change of pace from the swank and splendor of their fancy wedding?


Women's Wear Daily, one of the first to report that the couple is in South Africa, approves of the getaway spot:

"First, few people would recognize them in South Africa. And second, what paparazzi is going to risk being attacked by a lion or rhino just to get a photo of the couple?"

Don't think the paparazzi are already on it? No doubt that a couple of photogs are being sent to South Africa at this very moment to follow up on these rumors. And even more are likely staked out at a few airports, just waiting for the couple to emerge and clear up once and for all where they've been.

I say good for the couple for keeping all of us guessing. Nowadays, it's easy to find out where celebrities are at any given moment (and, yes, it helps more so when they announce it to everyone on Twitter). Even though Chelsea and Marc had one of the most "public yet private" weddings of the year, they deserve a little time alone and away from the craziness that is the media and paparazzi.

It would be interesting to find out whether Chelsea and Marc went the luxurious or rustic route on their African safari. Some speculated immediately after the wedding that the two would celebrate in pomp and splendor in Europe. They're probably sick of all the fanfare, so a low-key yet exciting safari and a reconnection with nature is just what the newlyweds need. And hopefully it will help them avoid becoming one of these couples.

Still, I'd love to see footage of a lion or snake or piranha attacking a paparazzo as he tries to snap a photo of Chelsea and Marc on their honeymoon. Serves him right.

Would or did you go to South Africa on your honeymoon?


Image via Jacques S G/Flickr

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