Jana Kramer Divorce & 10 More Super Short Celebrity Marriages

Jana Kramer with Johnathon SchaechThe month-long marriage between One Tree Hill actress Jana Kramer and Johnathon Schaech seems to be a normal length when it comes to celebrity nuptials. How sad is that? The couple, who tied the knot on July 4 and announced their divorce today, joins the company of several other celebrities that were done playing Mr. and Mrs. before the wedding photos were even developed.


10. Sophia Bush & Chad Michael Murray: Just after five months of wedded bliss, these One Tree Hill co-stars called it quits. Awkwardness on set alert!

9. Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman: Another quickie Vegas wedding, brought on by booze, Rodman initially tried to get an annulment after just nine days, but the two managed to stick it out for a full four-and-a-half months before giving up. Hey, they gave it a shot.

 8. Colin Farrell & Amelia Warner: Back in 2001, we thought that Colin might have given up his notorious bachelor ways when he wed actress Amelia Warner. But it just wasn't meant to be because the two got divorced just four months later. He probably shouldn't have gotten that tattoo with her name around his finger.

7. Renee Zellweger & Kenny Chesney: Her line in Jerry Maguire inspired his hit song "You Had Me From Hello," they had a beautiful beach wedding, she surprised him at his concerts -- all signs pointed to an everlasting love. Unfortunately, the love ended after only four months, and sparked rumors that Chesney might be gay.

6. Pamela Anderson: The blonde bombshell always seems to go for the bad boys. After a messy divorce with Tommy Lee, she had a whirlwind on-again, off-again courtship with Kid Rock over the next five years, only to end in divorce four months later. And we can't forget her two-month marriage to Rick Soloman. Wanna bet how many sex tapes were made in those two months?

5. Nicolas Cage & Lisa Marie Presley: Nicolas might have been a huge fan of Lisa's dad Elvis, but that wasn't enough to hold their happy home together, which lasted only three months. The divorce proceedings were longer than the marriage.

4. Drew Barrymore: You thought that her five-month marriage to Tom Green was short, but did you know that she had an even shorter one to bartender Jeremy Thomas? Yup, it lasted a whole month.

3. Ali Landry & Mario Lopez: These two dated for six years before tying the knot, so you'd think they'd know the other person pretty well. Not well enough, because they called quits after just two weeks. Apparently, Mario was a bad boy at the bachelor party.

2. Britney Spears & Jason Alexander: Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Especially when you get boozed up and marry your childhood friend in an impromptu ceremony. The marriage was annulled 55 hours later but the press was writing about it for weeks.

1. Zsa Zsa Gabor: The ultimate bachelorette, this pistol has been married nine times but her shortest marriage was to Felipe de Alba and only lasted a day before it was annulled.

What do you think of these short celebrity marriages? Do you think that celebrities take marriage too lightly?


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