Babies Make for Better Sex: 4 Reasons to Believe It

bed sexBy all accounts, your sex life is supposed to suck after baby.

Been there, done that, have the 20/20 hindsight to prove it.

Because I missed a lot of the good parts of after-baby sex. And you don't have to.


1. Using the Anticipation. There's nothing like the risk of being found out to heighten the excitement level. Pre-baby it was doing it in an airplane or the dressing room. Post-baby, it's wondering when the kid is going to wake up. Turn your "worry" that baby will wake up to your "OMG, baby might wake up, hurry, hurry" moment.

2. Finding New Places for Nookie. So you're co-sleeping and don't want to wake the baby. Good -- because nothing can make sex stale like the same old routine in the bed. Relive your newlywed years by having sex everywhere ELSE in the house.

3. Taking the Pressure Off. Trying to conceive has the dubious honor of sucking all the fun out of one of the most fun activities a couple can engage in. Having the baby means it's time to have FUN again.

4. Learning to Love the Lube. If you're part of a couple that was always hesitant to bring anything into the bedroom, science is knocking. Most women suffer vaginal dryness in the months after giving birth, making lube a necessity, not a frivolity. And once it's there, you'll find out you love it. And maybe keep on going with your experimentation?


Image via jljohnstone/Flickr

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