Do You Check Your Partner's Email?

cheating on emailRecently a friend of mine busted her cheating boyfriend when he left his email open at her house. Yes, he's a dumba**.

Given what she discovered, I never thought it was an invasion of privacy that she opened up his email and started browsing. But if I were a neutral party, I might be throwing some judgment her way about snooping in someone else's private affairs. Literally.

To flip it around, I'm not sure how I would feel if I came home and my husband was reading my personal emails. We both know each other's passwords, and until recently both our computers were in plain view in our tiny apartment. Now I have an office, but we both use it so it's not just "my" space. If he were opening up messages from my girlfriends that were meant for my eyes only, I might get a little irritated. But mostly I would wonder why he took this sudden interest in my email correspondence.


I've glanced at his screen when his email is up before and wondered about an unfamiliar email address, but clicking on is, to me, not cool.

I know my friend wasn't the first person to learn she was being cheated on by an unprotected email account, and will certainly not be the last. Email, IMs, and texts are the new lipstick on the collar, after all. But it's still a violation. Although, if you're violating someone's trust who deserves it, is it such a bad thing?

Do you think it's okay to read your SO's email?


Image via trmarch/Flickr

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