Who's Having More Sex: Miami or Minneapolis?

how often do you have sexAnother scientific look at sex and relationships from Anneli Rufus at The Daily Beast has me scratching my head, nodding in agreement, and laughing out loud -- all at the same time.

I'm a little bit addicted to her analysis even as I find myself repeating, "We're all individuals, and we can't fit into one statistical box!"

With that said, did you know that Jewish men and women are having more sex than Protestants? "Normal" BMI people more than the obese? And men over 70 are having more sex than women over 70. It's true! In statistical form anyway.

Check out these other fun facts about sexual activity around the U.S.:


Approximately half of all Americans say they have sex at least once a week.

An international survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the Durex condom company also found that Nigerians and Americans are tied neck-and-neck in sexual frequency: 53 percent of Nigerians and Americans claim to do it at least once a week, compared to 78 percent of Chinese and a whopping 87 percent of Greeks. Who has more fun? At 67 percent, Nigeria's sexual-satisfaction rate topped the survey's 26 nations, compared to 40 percent in Britain and Australia, 25 percent in France, and 15 percent in Japan. "The Japanese have paper walls in their houses, live with their parents, and work long hours," surmises sexologist Dr. Susan Block, who has been featured on HBO's Real Sex and Cathouse.

Men have 16 percent more sex than women do.

According to a University of Chicago study, men claim to have sex 66.5 times a year, while women claim to have sex 57.2 times a year. That might be because men traditionally overreport their sexual activity while women traditionally underreport theirs. Kinsey Institute sexual health educator Debby Herbenick says it might also be because "men are socialized to feel that sex is OK, while women are still being socialized to put on the brakes."

People with Associate in Arts degrees have 32 percent more sex than people with advanced college degrees and people who did not finish high school.

According to a University of Chicago study, those with graduate degrees and those who never finished high school are tied, both groups claiming to have sex on average about once a week or 52 times per year. But those with Associate in Arts degrees claim to have sex 69.5 times per year.

Miami residents are 59 percent more sexually active than residents of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Conducted by the research firm StrategyOne for Trojan Brand Condoms, the Degrees of Pleasure Study examined "Americans' sexual habits and preferences as they relate to temperatures and weather phenomena." On average, Miamians claim to have sex 102 times a year, compared to New Yorkers' 85 times, San Franciscans' 72 times, and Twin Cityites' 64 times. Miamians also reported the nation's longest sex sessions: 35 minutes on average, compared to Seattleites' 27, Chicagoans' 26, and Phoenixers' 25.

You know if I lived in a cold climate I might not want to take my clothes off either.

Do you believe these stats? Especially if you're in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region?


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