How 'Sister Wives' Will Make America Better Lovers

loveOh TLC, you might just have redeemed yourselves from your Kate Gosselin worshipping hole that you've dug.

The network that battles Bravo for most guilty of reality pleasures is taking a lead from the popularity of Bill Paxton's bed-jumping on Big Love and putting out Sister Wives, a reality show look at a real-life polygamist family in Utah, next month.

My husband and I won't be joining the compound anytime soon (I don't look good in gingham and then there's that whole no way in hell am I up for sharing thing), but I'm willing to bet we have a thing or two to learn from the Sister Wives of the Brown family.


1. How to Enjoy Your Time Alone. Kody Brown apparently spends one night with each of his three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, plus his soon to be fourth wife, Robyn. That's a lot of alone time for each individual wife, but it's a good reminder that sometimes being up one another's you-know-what isn't good for either of you.

Even something as simple as sleeping in different rooms one night a week so you can both have a good night's rest isn't going to break a marriage. It could give you the spark back. Or just some time with your vibe.

2. How to Make the Most of Time Together. The flip side of those three nights off, one night on, is when you're together, make it count for crying out loud. I'm always loathe to admit that on nights when my parents take our daughter, we don't always have the energy to go out on the town. But turning off the computer and the TV and just talking is as likely to lead to nookie as a big night out.

3. How to Vent Appropriately. Pissing and moaning about your partner is healthy -- I don't care what the scientists say. But can you imagine trying to kvetch to his wife? I'm going to be watching closely to see how Kody AND his wives deal with their anger without turning the house into a roiling mess.

4. How to Have Sex With 13 Kids in the House. Unless you're Octo-Crazy or Jan Brady, you probably don't have this many kids. But if you're making the excuse that you can't have sex because your kids might hear, take note. These people manage it with a rugby team in the house. You'll never say "shhh" again.

The show premieres on September 26 on TLC.

Will you be watching Sister Wives?


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