Husband Caught Cheating via Facebook -- And Marrying Another Woman!

lynn france facebook betrayal

Lynn France found 200 photos of her husband John France romantically involved with another woman via Facebook -- romantically involved in a marriage ceremony with the other woman, that is! OMG!

Catching your spouse cheating via Facebook is a devastating experience, I imagine, but catching your spouse marrying someone else via Facebook! Good God!


Facebook isn't just reuniting people with old high school buddies anymore, no ma'am. Facebook has helped burglars plan robberies, reunited a mom with her kidnapped children after 15 years, and I've personally seen it lead to a few extramarital affairs. But no one could've foreseen a marital breakup story as crazy as when Lynn France, mom of three, caught her husband John France marrying another woman via Facebook photos!

Obviously the Frances' story is a little complex, but here it is in a nutshell.

Lynn married her sweetheart John France back in 2005. They got married in a lavish wedding along Italy's extremely gorgeous Amalfi Coast. Lynn had a son from a previous marriage and she and John went on to have two more sons together.

In 2008, Lynn began to suspect that John was having an affair because he was traveling "for work" a lot. Once he even claimed to be in China while Lynn sat at home looking at his passport. Hmmm.

It wasn't long before Lynn caught John in a hotel with another woman. The other woman told Lynn she was going to marry John, and John moved out, separating from Lynn.

Here's the crazy part. Soon after the separation, Lynn logged on to Facebook and found 200 photos of John actually marrying this "other woman" in a wedding ceremony at Disney World!

Say what? Devastating!

Lynn and John weren't even officially divorced. How could this be? Big Polygamy Love isn't even legal, is it?

Three months later John came crawling back, and Lynn, taking on the role of Big Dumby, took him back.

Say what?

I'm guessing she must've still loved him (although did you see his not-pretty old man mug?) or she was trying to save her marriage for the sake of the kids or this old, unattractive, unfashionable, super-tan dude is FILTHY RICH.

So Lynn took him back but only long enough for John to finagle his way back into her heart, pack up the couple's two boys, and head back to Florida with attractive young Wife #2.


Turns out John found a loophole on his and Lynn's marriage in Italy, meaning the couple were not even legally married, and so he was safe to break a heart, steal the fruits of a marriage, and go on about marrying another pretty blonde half his age. Oh dear.

Lynn hasn't seen her boys since May and is now subjected to watching the other woman, via Facebook photos once again, "play family" with her kids. How can the other woman even stand it? Would you want to be married to a man who would do this to someone? Why does she have to rub it in by posting photos publicly? And don't you think it's high time Lynn cancelled her Facebook account? But then again, at least she can keep an eye on her boys. Sort of. I'm exhausted just thinking about this whole crazy story.

I hope Lynn gets an attorney (and a therapist) stat.

What would you do if you were Lynn?


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