Sorry Girls, Robert Pattinson Has Hung Up His Flirting Shoes

Robert PattinsonHear that? It's hearts breaking everywhere. Robert Pattinson is so hung up on what we can only assume to be Kristen Stewart that he's not even looking at other women.


While filming in east Tennessee for his upcoming movie Water for Elephants, the sexy Brit was somewhat anti-social while at a neighborhood bar, much to the disappointment of the local gals.

The manager at the Chattanooga Billiard Club said that Rob was very low-key during a night out with pals:

He was not flirting or carrying on with any girls. He was relaxing with his cast and crew, drinking and not eating -- and he didn’t play billiards.

The once very flirtatious RPattz seems to have changed his ways ... good for him. And if it's for Kristen, even better!

Think he's changing for Kristen or just to lay low?


Image via Sparkle in the sun/Flickr

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