How to Look Sexy: It's All in the Shopping

sexy shoppingThere's a time of the month for everything.

Even making yourself feel sexy.

Scientists have found if you're ovulating when you're pawing through the sales racks, chances are you'll be shooting for the sex kitten look with your choices.

So grab your ovulation kit and hit the mall.


The theory from the scientists at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management is when we're ovulating, we're thinking about how we rank on the sexiness scale against other women.

That's women around us, specifically, so we're not trying to outdo Gisele and Heidi, just the other chicks at the bar who might catch his eye. 

Apparently this is all in our heads -- literally. MRIs of the brain prove women are less inhibited when they're ovulating.

We're more likely to have risky sex, with bad boys, and apparently doing it in fishnet stockings and thongs.

By the way -- the going theory is you should likewise NOT shop when you actually get your period. Because no one is thinking "get him in bed" when they have an extra five pounds of water weight.

Not to mention the way you slink by Victoria's Secret in shame when you're hiding your period panties under those jeans.

But if you're graced with fine tatas only when you're bloated and cranky, that may be the only time you're brave enough to get that low-cut tank. So give it a try.

Someone will appreciate the look -- even if it's just you.


Image via Meg Zimbeck/Flickr

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