This Woman Wants Your Husband: How to Outsmart the Would-Be Mistress

Holly Hill wants your husband.

She is a former mistress and author of a new book called Sugarbabe in which she advocates for infidelity.

Hill believes that letting your man stray and have experiences with other females outside the marriage is the way to keep a marriage strong.

"It's better to walk the dog on a leash than let it escape through an unseen hole in the back fence," Hill told CNN.

Hello, misogyny?

She seems to think that women don't have the same sex drive that men do (we do) and that men cannot control themselves at all (they can).

The Australian author goes on to say that a man who cheats still loves his spouse most of the time and that if the spouse says it's OK, all the better. After all, it's not a betrayal if she said it was OK, right? Right?

Hmmm ... yeah, not so much. To avoid women like Hill coming into your marriage, there are a few things to do.


1. Communicate

As far as I can tell, Hill is arguing for the man to get a buffet of unlimited sex while his smiling wife just allows it. I do agree with her on one point: Monogamy ain't natural. And the scientific evidence does seem to support this. But what Hill advocates is giving men a free pass. Um, no thanks.

I think it takes a unique, open-minded, creative person to open their marriage and to experiment together, but one person doesn't get all the fun while the other merely "allows" it.

2. Incorporate "others" into our marriage without actual other people

If you're finding yourself fantasizing about the hot neighbor, tell your husband. Hopefully he would return the favor if the hot new assistant at his work is giving him the eye. These thoughts are normal; it's when we try to hide them that they fester, and then someone like Holly Hill comes into the picture. So, safeguard your marriage by working the fantasy yourself:

Wigs: Buy a few and change it up. You would be amazed how differently you act as a redhead or a brunette or a black-bobbed temptress.

Role play: Meet him at a bar in an outfit you would never wear and pretend it is the first time. I promise, though it may be awkward at first, if you let yourself play, it can be a lot of fun.

Costumes: Have him dress as a police officer or you dress as a superhero. Think about what guys you fantasize about and ask him to be that for a little while.

Try something you/he would "never" do: Even if you have been with your spouse forever, I guarantee, there is uncharted territory. Go there. Try it. Even if you only do it once.

Talk: Communication is the key. It can be dirty, but it can also just be honest. Even if you have been with your partner for a million years, ask questions: What do you like? What am I not doing that I could do?

OK, ladies: How do you outsmart would-be mistresses?

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