Brett Favre Sexts -- But Not to His Wife

Brett FavreI'm sure you're all sick of hearing about Brett Favre since he's, once again, on the retirement seesaw. But this has nothing to do with football, I promise. It's about his penis.

Intrigued yet?


According to reports, the gray-haired, sexy football star sent revealing photos via text message to Sports Illustrated columnist, Jenn Sterger, during his brief stint with the New York Jets.

And yes, he's married.

The text messages started out as innocent flirtations but soon escalated to photos of him masturbating (while wearing Crocs, might I add ... isn't that a lovely visual?). Unfortunately, the pictures have not yet surfaced, so there's no hard -- pun intended -- evidence for this. But even if it's just a rumor, it will surely have some damaging results for his personal life. 

I'm wary about sending racy texts -- the thought of my attempts at sex talk, and even more so, sexy photos, floating out there in cell phone world frankly freaks me out. I'd like to think the guy that I'm sending them to is keeping them private, but how do I know for sure? And what if his phone gets stolen? Or mine?

For me, it's too much of a risk. I can just imagine a picture of my boobs intended for my guy somehow ending up on the Internet. And I'm not even famous! Oh what was Brett thinking?

What about you? Have you ever sexted? Are you paranoid that it will be viewed by others?


Image via cliff1066/Flickr

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