'Honey, Is My Vagina Too Wide?'

ManholeI hear cosmetic surgery advertisements all the time on the radio: breast enhancements, tummy tucks, liposuction, and vaginal rejuvenation.

Okay, the first three are obvious. But that fourth one? Vaginal rejuvenation? Does my vagina need to be made young again? I didn't know it was old.

Actually, vaginal rejuvenation surgery is supposed to counteract the stretching effect that giving birth has on your vagina. The more children you give birth to, the more stretched out it gets. And it never returns to its original size.


Theoretically, a bigger vagina leads to less sexual satisfaction for both women and men because there is less friction between the two during intercourse.

The procedure to correct this, known as vaginoplasty, surgically tightens the vaginal canal by reducing the excess vaginal lining and tightening the vagina and its supporting muscles and tissues.

It's major surgery. There's pain, swelling, and activity restriction involved. But after six weeks, you can try out your new, tighter vagina. Hopefully, the smaller size and accompanying increase in friction will make sex more satisfying for both you and your partner.

I wouldn't have it done. For me, a satisfying sex life is just as much emotional as it is physical. And I'm satisfied.

Besides, my husband has never complained about the size of my vagina. But if he were to complain, I would suggest to him that, other than sleeping in the spare bedroom, he could always have penis enlargement surgery done. Doctors can do amazing things to increase the circumference of a penis.

Would you have a vaginoplasty done?


Image via Joe Shlabotnick/Flickr

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