Bethenny Frankel Vs. Sugarbabe on Cheating Men

bethenny frankel sugarbabe cheatingHave you heard about this new book, Sugarbabe, which promotes the virtues of letting men step out?

Holly Hill is a pseudonym of the Australian writer, psychologist, and self-proclaimed mistress looking for a married Sugar Daddy. She writes about when she decided to become a kept woman and advertised for suitors to pay her for sex, cooking, and discretion. Her conclusion -- if you want a happy marriage, let your man cheat.

So, with that incredibly flawed logic from someone who is essentially a prostitute, Hill penned a book and is on a worldwide tour promoting her idea of "negotiated infidelity." When she was on CNN's Larry King Live, Bethenny Frankel disagreed with the lady.


As someone who was cheated on, Bethenny does think you need to communicate with the other woman, but only so you can get all the details. Not so you can negotiate continuing the situation. Hill, of course, feels it's a healthy thing for your marriage and one should "be adult" about sharing your relationship. Frankel felt this was a low point rather than a healthy moment. Um, yeah. I would agree.

Negotiating infidelity means someone is doing something they don't want to be doing. Otherwise there would be no negotiation, you would both be sleeping with other people and no one would care. If that's how you roll, then marriage really isn't something you need to engage in, right? You don't have to get married, so why would you if you can't keep the vow?

Also there's that whole "men need to spread their seed" argument. Which is crap. Women and men both cheat, seed spreading or not. It's about making a choice. We're not robots that are programmed and therefore not responsible for our actions.

If you want to sleep with multiple partners, don't engage in a monogamous relationship. Be honest about your intentions straight away so if the other person is not interested, they can get the heck away from your no-commitment ass. In other words, behave like a grown-up.

No matter what your position on the issue, who would you rather take advice from: a reality star or someone who sold sex on the Internet?


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