Political Condoms: Are You a Palin or an Obama?

Palin CondomNow you can be bipartisan in the bedroom!

A group of street vendors in New York City lost a battle over their rights to sell Barack Obama- and Sarah Palin-themed condoms on the street.

So word has it they'll be turning to the Internet -- and the rest of you sexy patriots.


They'll certainly be a saucy edition.

The Palin condom packages ($12.95 a 3-pack) promise they'll help "When Abortion Is Not an Option," and the Obama foil packs offer "The Ultimate Stimulus Package."

So how do you choose which one you want? Well that depends: Are you a (mama) grizzly in the bedroom? Go for Palin.

Then again ... do you want your partner looking at Palin's sexy librarian look when he's about to devour you?

Er, that's what we thought.

Then again ... there's always the knowledge that the president's eyes are on you -- even if he's been dropped on the floor.

On second thought: Would you want either of these in your bedroom? Maybe it's better to stick with the good old Trojan Man. He's faceless.


Image via ThePalinCondom.com

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