25 Ways to Get You in the Mood ... Tonight!

25 ways to get her in the moodWe all know that sex is an amazing, bonding, stress-relieving act. But sometimes life gets in the way and the distractions can be a real mood kill. Or sometimes your husband plays Xbox all night then expects you to roll over when he climbs into bed.

Perhaps your partner in the sack needs a little direction when it comes to turning your "not tonight" into an enthusiastic romp in the hay. Hand him this list that was compiled by surveying married ladies about what their other half can do to get a woman there, even when she's not in the mood.

I'm thinking we could combine a few just to make things interesting. New sex toy massage? Yes!


1. Give a massage; foot, neck, back, or any erogenous zone

2. Doing the dishes

3. Dirty talk

4. Put on some Latin music

5. Make a specialty cocktail

6. Surprise you with a sex toy

7. Make a homemade meal

8. Talk about your dreams

9. Tell you exactly what he's going to do to you, and how it will feel

10. Call the babysitter

11. Remind you why he wants you

12. Vodka

13. Earlobe nibbles

14. Uninterrupted conversation

15. Washing his balls

16. Brushing his/her teeth

17. Pour a glass of wine

18. Compliment your body

19. Compliment your brain

20. Give a lusty stare at a crowded event where you can't do anything right at that moment

21. Turning off the TV/cell phone/laptop

22. A subtle ass grab

23. Turn on Mad Men

24. Lightly touch you when you're talking

25. Brush up against you, and then walk away

What can your lover do to get you in the mood?

Image via lucyfrench123/Flickr

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