How to Keep Your Breakup Classy on Facebook

Facebook in a relationshipIt's inevitable that the minute your Facebook status changes from "in a relationship" to "single," the predators will pounce.

Usually to bash your ex.

Sometimes to ask for his number.

Living our lives on Facebook, a friend recently told me it was easier to just change her status than to actually call everyone she knew and say, "Hey, we're splitsville."

So how do you keep it from turning into a bashfest? Especially when you have kids who might see what people are saying about Mommy or Daddy?


A couple I care a lot about recently came to the tough decision to call it quits, and they opted to both put up the same status. At the same time.

Here's the basic example (with some pieces redacted to protect them):

It may come as no supprise [sic] to many of you, but ? and I are seperating [sic]. This has been a long time coming, and is not easy on either of us. We both respect each other and are wish for the best. Many things still need to be worked out, and this won't happen over night. Please respect us both in this difficult time. She is still my best friend.
I was heartbroken to read it -- the "still my best friend" part literally moved me to tears -- and I left pretty much the same message on each one's wall, "We're sorry for your sakes to hear this, but we love you both and wish you the very best."

But I was impressed by their decision to put out something so classy.

They showed a mutual respect for one another. They encouraged people to monitor their own reactions. And they politely asked for time.

They have two young children who don't need to hear in a few years that Daddy was calling Mommy a whore or Mommy was saying Daddy had a small penis.

What's more, Facebook postings are becoming a big part of divorce proceedings. The American Bar Association calls it the "unrivaled leader" for evidence against a spouse, so this is an extremely smart move on their part -- to nip in the bud any comments by anyone that could be used against them in case this separation proceeds to divorce status.

Have you ever had a breakup play out on Facebook?


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