Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Call Off Engagement

bristol and levi call off engagementWell, that was fast.

Bristol Palin has reportedly called off her engagement to baby daddy Levi Johnston. You might think it had to do with the rumors that Johnston had fathered another out-of-wedlock baby, but the mother of that baby has categorically denied Levi is the father. She is, in fact, quite irritated by the National Inquirer's claim. So it wasn't another baby that split the pair up, yet again.

According to a "friend," there is another Levi Johnston ex that's causing the rift between the star-crossed couple.


A young lady by the name of Briana Plum has been in and out of Johnston's life and, according to this same source, after Bristol "interviewed" Briana, she was not happy about what she learned. Also, there is a mysterious Facebook photo that Bristol discovered that caused her to put the engagement on ice.

As The Frisky points out, this sounds just like high school -- which is exactly why the story sounds credible.

Of course Todd and Sarah could have simply called in some big guns and threatened the couple. I could totally see that happening.

No statement has been issued directly from Bristol or Levi, so this could be a lot of chatter. But nothing crazy out of Wasilla would surprise me at this point.

One thing is certain: Levi is going to be a thorn in Sarah Palin's side for some time.


Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty

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