Alicia Keys Gets Married This Weekend ... Who Didn't?

alicia keys

Celebs who are trying to keep their nuptials a secret should take a lesson from Alicia Keys: Have a wedding on the same day as someone who's a lot more famous than you. In her case, it was Chelsea Clinton -- not exactly more or less famous, but someone from a more buzz-worthy family who'd planned a much more extravagant and talkable affair.

Keys' marriage was merely a blip on the wires this weekend. Now that the Clinton affair is over and we don't have much more to talk about, everyone wants to know all about Keys' small and exotic ceremony. Let's dissect it, shall we?


In direct contrast to the Clinton wedding, the 29-year-old Keys, who announced her pregnancy in May, married her baby's daddy, Swizz Beatz, on Corsica, a French island in the Mediterranean Sea. Perhaps the only similarity between the Keys and Clinton wedding was the designer behind their gowns -- both wore Vera Wang. Clinton walked down the aisle in a romantic silk-organza sleeveless style, while Keys donned a simple, Grecian-inspired dress and carried a bouquet of purple calla lilies. Her cute baby bump did not detract from its elegance at all.

If you wondered where all the celebrities were at the Clinton wedding, well, they were all watching Keys tie the knot. Guests included a small but notable group of family and close friends, including U2 frontman Bono and actress Queen Latifah. The couple's friend Dr. Deepak Chopra presided over the nuptials.

But even this was not the only celebrity wedding this weekend. James Van Der Beek married his girlfriend, Kimberly Brook, and Rapper T.I. and mother of two of his children, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, all got hitched on the last weekend in July.


Which wedding would you like to have attended more -- Clinton's or Keys' or one of the others?


Image via angela n./Flickr

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