Have You Googled a Date?

googleThanks to a little search engine called Google, we have been given the tools to do some major Internet stalking of those that we go out with.

But should we?


There are definitely pros and cons to knowing your date's resume before that first dinner, but regardless of what you read after a quick search, you should still take it with a grain of salt.

Say he's a neurosurgeon, and a search shows that he's won all of these awards and is widely successful. Great, good for him, but this doesn't mean that he can't end up being a jerk. A successful man is definitely a turn-on for most women, and knowing that going into a first date might blind you of some red flags that could be flying. Being smart and successful doesn't mean that he's necessarily a good catch, and while he may be saying how he hardly has time for dating, friends, or any social activity, all you'll be hearing is "neurosurgeon, neurosurgeon, neurosurgeon."

Or vice-versa. Say you scored a public Facebook profile, which, let's face it, is basically the equivalent of Christmas morning, and almost all of his pictures are of him surrounded by beautiful women. Even the most confident woman would be a little taken back by that, thinking that this guy must be a womanizer. She'll go into the date with a wall already built up, when those women are merely just friends of his, or his sister's friends, or a thousand other possibilities. You're giving him a strike before the guy can even buy you a drink.

The pros of looking someone up are that you can get a vague idea if you're compatible, if you have something in common that you can be sure to bring up in conversation, or in some horrifying cases, like what happened to a girlfriend of mine, you find out that he's married (true story).

The thing about Googling someone is to not make assumptions; use it merely as a platform to get an idea of what this person is like. Call me old-fashioned, but I personally like getting to know who a person is through a conversation. Remember what they say about assuming ...

What are your thoughts about Googling a date beforehand? Do or don't?


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