6 Degrees of Facebook Kissing

Facebook is a pretty sexy place. People are starting affairs with old flames, flirting with friends of friends, and updating us way too liberally with details of their gyno exams in their status updates (or maybe that's just the people I know).

Let's face it: Facebook is also where all of our old boyfriends gather in one place to taunt and mock us with photos of their trips around the world or details of their latest crazy house party while also occasionally commenting on our photos to say things like, "Awwww, must be nice to have a family. You look so happy."

Aw, indeed.

In recent months, I have started to notice this interaction happening more and more, and when I stopped to think about it, I realized I have no idea how many of my 400+ friends are actually exes in some capacity.

The mission: How many of my Facebook "friends" had I kissed?


In my case, that answer was 20, which I guess is 5 percent, which seems pretty low. I asked around and most of my friends were around that range.

Obviously, as you get into doing more than kissing, my number dips dramatically (to one in the most extreme of cases), whereas others seemed to be in the three to five range.

I was amused by the exercise and the trip down memory lane. For instance, I realized halfway through my count that I had to count one of my closest friends because we kissed for beads once at a Mardi Gras party in college. I had completely forgotten that and it made me laugh to remember.

I'm not sure whether this says more about my ability to be friends with exes or the fact that I used to enjoy getting buzzed and snogging in college, but either way, it was a fun way to get people to talk about their "Facebook number."

I suppose I could totally go back to Junior High and map out who kissed whom and if we all kissed the same people and how many degrees of kissing I am away from other people's kisses, but alas, I have a family. And a job. And a life.

So, I will leave it at this.

What is your "Facebook number"? 


Image via luis perez/Flickr

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