Sara Gilbert Comes Out. Was She Ever In?

sara gilbert comes outSara Gilbert, the hilariously droll younger daughter on Roseanne, came out yesterday while promoting her new talk show, The Talk.

The 35-year-old star will be the host of a mom-centric talk show and is the mother to two, Levi, 5, and Sawyer, 3, with television producer Allison Adler.

My first clue that Gilbert was gay was when I heard she had children with someone named Allison. However, Gilbert hasn't been in the news so much since Roseanne said farewell in 1997, so her private life has been exactly that.


As a huge fan of Darlene, I have kept up with Gilbert and wasn't shocked to hear she was gay. I was a lot more surprised to hear she was going to be the host of a mommy talk show, since she's always seemed more detached than maternal. Which should make for a really fun talk show that will hopefully avoid saccharine pitfalls that can come when you use the word "mommy" to describe any form of entertainment.

Also surprising, in an awesome "equally shared parenting" kind of way, Gilbert gave birth to Sawyer while partner Adler gave birth to Levi. That's the way to do it, ladies!

Congratulations to Gilbert, whether this was an official coming out or just another day.

Did you know Gilbert was gay?

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