Adult Industry Cashing In on iPhone 4 -- Sex Video Chats Galore!

iphone 4I can just imagine the racy thoughts of those who enjoy watching porn when they learned that the iPhone 4 included FaceTime, a video conferencing feature. Oh the possibilities! The ironic thing is Apple is squeaky-clean and has a strict no porn policy for their apps, and unfortunately for them, there's no way they can regulate it. It'd be the same as regulating whom you make a phone call to. Not possible. 


But whether Apple likes it or not, the adult industry is tapping into the video conference feature, already posting ads on Craigslist searching for models specifically for these types of chats, and often offering a free iPhone 4 for those who get the jobs.

Hmm, how desperate are you for a new iPhone?

And even with the slight size issue (of the camera, silly! Get your head out of the gutter!), FaceTime could still revolutionize the video sex chat industry, allowing independent sex-chat workers to have the ability to do their own thing, without having to pay a computer-based service. Though, I hope these sexy chatters are smart enough to at least get a separate "work" phone line. Imagine a surprise video chat during dinner with Grandma? Oops.

What do you think of this sexy way to use the iPhone? Would you ever have a sex chat via FaceTime?

Image via Jorge Quinteros/Flickr



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