Give Me Back My Mojo!

Austin Powers and Dr. Evil My husband was home for an entire week and let me just tell you that it was glorious.

Cue angels singing.

A little date night out for ourselves and keeping our sitter on her regular albeit pretty sparse schedule helped immensely. That meant that we've both had some much needed time to ourselves.


To be fair, my husband rarely ever gets any quiet moments in the home until all the kids are asleep. And when he is home, he generally always does the bathtime and the bedtime routine for at least one of the kids. I know from experience that it can get old pretty fast.

So instead of canceling the sitter and pocketing the money, we decided to keep her on the schedule this week so that he could study for his upcoming check ride and I could get some errands done.

Boy, did that make a huge difference.

But it also helped that when the sitter wasn't here, he took it upon himself to take the kids out somewhere. Admittedly, I was pretty shocked when he packed them all up one day and took them on a whirlwind trip to Target. Or when he suited them up and took them for a short, impromptu visit to the pool.

However, in those short hours alone in the house, I got my mojo back.

But even better, I was then more willing to give him some time alone as well. Regardless of how much time he owes me and will never ever be able to pay back so get over it already, when I saw his willingness to give me a break, I was more than happy to give him one myself. And best of all, even with those few hours of time to myself, a fun jumpy castle and lunch date with my three kids was just that.

And let's face it, I was also much more willing to do some other stuff too.


What helps you get your mojo back when you're solo parenting?

Photo via Flickr/cliff1066

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