Let Someone Else Break Up With Your Boyfriend

let someone break up for youHave a bad boyfriend or girlfriend you just can't seem to brush off? Or would you like to break up with your SO in a particularly memorable way?

Normally, I'm all about the straightforward, honest approach to ending a relationship. If you have something to say to your partner, say it to his face and prepare for his feedback. (Although, admittedly, I have offered to break up with someone for a friend before when I was growing impatient with her slowness in ditching the jerkwad.)

However, I'm loving the breakup video from I'm Boy Crazy. Quite frankly, Eric is a total d-bag who doesn't deserve a respectful breakup, so the more hilariously demeaning, the better.


While not breaking up in person might be considered passive-aggressive, I'd say this dance party/breakup video is just aggressive. Again, Eric kind of deserves it, so I'm not feeling sorry for him.

Alexis will break up with your boyfriend too! Just check out I'm Boy Crazy and decide if you want this wackadoo doing your dirty business for you.

Would you ever ask someone else to break up with your boy/girlfriend?


Image via frankh/Flickr

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