Hickytats Make Hickeys Meaningful

hicky tatsRemember when you were 15 and you swore that the mark on your neck was from a curling iron after your mom spotted your (unsuccessfully covered) hickey? Yeah, complete opposite idea for this product.

Hickytats are for those who want hickeys that are "meaningful." Because hickeys are all about showing mutual love for each other, right?


Not sure who their target audience is, but I find these personalized hickeys hilarious.

hicky tatsYou just place the Hickytat over the preferred body part and suck through the perforations. You're left with a beautiful bruised message from your partner, exclaiming their love for you. Or placing their claim on you with a nice "She's Mine" (don't worry, there's a "He's Mine" one as well).

Only $10 for a set of three.

Would you ever, ever, get a Hickytat? Let's have fun here ... say you did get one ... what would it say?


Images via thecheeky.com



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