What Not to Give a Bride on Her Wedding Day: A Crazy Rant on Your Blog

crazy blog rant on wedding dayWhile the last scene of The Graduate is romantic, thrilling, and a young girl's fantasy, most women want to wind up marrying the guy they came with. It looks like Andrew Cohen of Politics Daily was hoping his ex-girlfriend would follow Elaine's lead after he used his public platform to tell her how much he loved her ... as a wedding gift. ON HER WEDDING DAY.

Abuse of his column? Or just creepy?


The Sexist does a great job of breaking down his words and showing exactly why it was wrong to impose his own longing and guilt onto the bride. But what Cohen also did was alienate an entire city of potential girlfriends by not only waxing poetic about his lost love, but insulting those poor women of a certain age in New York who have put their careers ahead of their lives.

Dude, your one prospect is getting married today and you just blew off the rest of the dating pool in your region. What good do you think is going to come of this ode to your lost love? Life is not the movies, you are not going to Lloyd Dobler her into submission. She sounds like a great gal who is living a happy life without you.

Move on. And please, the next time you're invited to a wedding, choose a gift from the registry.

(Thanks to @jennyfeldon for the link.)


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